Blah, blah, blah, fictional character. Let's get to the good part.

Who is she?Edit

Write is one of the most powerfull of the X-Press Mail-men. So powerful, in fact, she can copy powers. In fact, that's her only power; copying powers.

She joined the X-Press Mail-men after college for some instant small cash. Upon joining, she found it was a secret group of superheroes with mail-related powers. She had been able to read minds and letters in envelopes for years, so she was eager to join.

During her 26th birthday, she was very upset. After hacking into the system, Mailing Boy was able to find out it was her birthday, so he and most of the other Mail-men had a birthday party all set for her. Using Xclops' x-ray vision, she popped all the balloons and using Beast's strength, she ripped apart the banners in a fit of fury. Later on, Mail-not-o caused her to accidentally freeze time, showing her the world she's meant to create, where the sky is red, the P.O.S.T. office has been destroyed by a large lava spill. The other Mail-men have been turned to stone. It is as if she is the last person on Earth (besides Mail-not-o, at the moment).


  • "If you knew the truth about the day of my birth, you'd have no reason to celebrate."
  • "We're going to need some Ben and Jerry's."


  • It is unknown what happened when Write was born, because she never says and no one else does.
  • Annie Mae is a reference to Pearls Before Swine, as Pig once had a sea anenimie enemy named Annie Mae, who tried to bribe him with anime.