What is that?Edit

The theory of de-evolution is a scientific belief that dinosaurs and humans co-existed, but the humans were trying to doom the dinosaurs to extinction. The dinosaurs left and hid in a cave for thousands of years, evolving more and more into human-like creatures, but had none of the human intelligence. Once they were almost completely human, they went back to the humans. Due to the fact that dinosaurs laid many eggs, this means that the dinosaur-humans outnumber the true humans.

The first appearance of this theory is in Superhero Spectacle #4, when Dr. Rex Tyrone Therapoda was trying to prove that evolution existed by de-evolving a guinea pig. When he went away to get some fungi to de-evolve, his daughter, Chamilia Lizzy Therapoda, tried it out on herself, turning her into a half-human/half-dinosaur creature. The same thing happens in Superhero Spectacle #34, when Rex de-evolves himself and turns himself into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This theory is also mentioned by Horge Etirw and Gerald Stitra in an undefined issue of Superhero Spectacle with Nacho Man. It is also reffered to in Chuck's National Scientific magazine in Superhero Spectacle 1.

One of the most important uses of it is in STAPelz #25, when Commander Tooforce and Captain Tonnybrow look on Wikipedia and discover this exact same article. They then check to see if any of the other employees are evolved. When they find out that one employee is an evolved dinosaur, he takes them hostage and uses the death ray to de-evolve every living thing on Earth into: for human children-a fetus, for human adults-into children (including Calvin), and for evolved dinosaurs-into the dinosaur they are most related to. An example is grown-up Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes) and grown-up Shae Stanley in a bank (run by Hobbes) where Shae is turned into a Calvinosaur and Calvin becomes a kid again. Another example is when an over-100-year-old Mario Brothers are running a baby-sitting service in an arcade video game shaped building. The babies all turn into Edmontonias and Mario and Luigi become young again. This becomes a parody of Mario Bros.


This has absolutely nothing to do with Dino Squad.