The I.H.A.V.E.A.N.I.C.E.D.A.Y. foundation (a.k.a. "Team Sarah" or "The Vampirette Passe") is a group of vampirettes who all either hate all men or hate all guy vampires.


Sarah, soon after coming to power, created a foundation called Team Sarah, aka the I.H.A.V.E.A.N.I.C.E.D.A.Y. foundation. The only man she liked was Spider Count Jimmy, whom she had known for many years and became vice president in the foundation. In the 1500s, Sarah and her vampirette passe went out looking for all the vampires in the world and started killing them one by one. Eventually, the vampirettes drove male vampires to extinction.

What does it stand for?Edit

I Hate All Vampires Especially Any Nerdy Immortal Creatures Especially Dorky Awful Y'know, loser vampires morons