Song lyrics are something that sometimes appears in Marker Comics. As of Sunday, August 15th of 2010, only STAPelz has song lyrics.

G-Cleff's SongEdit

Music makes me move.

Makes me happy. Got the groove.

When you hear it, if you feel it

The music is in you! Get the spirit?

Twang-twang! Twang-twang!

Doon-a-ding-dang. Doon-a-ding-dang.

Ding-dong-dang! Ah, ding-dong-dang!

Twang-twang! Twang-twang!

I can't say where it comes from,

but when you play (Twang!) Twang! There it is!

Rock Monster Brigade themeEdit

Ah...I love the life on the piratey ship,

sailin' the seventy seas!

But since we're surrounded millions of stars,

we sail through the universe! (But there's no breeze!)

(Chorus) Yo, ho! Everyone knows a pirate's life is free!

Yo, ho! Wherever we go, pirates is what we'll be!

Swashle yer buckles, the captain speaks!

It's time to...swab the decks!

Rudder to tiller, the Rock-timist is missing!

(Rock-timist) Will it be lunchtime next?


We sail for adventure, seek buried treasure!

(Roc) Diggin' it up's fer me!

(First half of chorus) Ho...yo? How does it go? Pirate's is what we'll be!

Architectule's themeEdit

Bless my soul Arc was on a roll Person of the week in every G.S.Pinion poll What a pro Arc could start a show Point him at a monster and you're talking SRO He was a no one A zero, zero Now he's a honcho He's a hero Here was a kid with his act down pat From zero to hero in no time flat Zero to hero just like that

When he smiled The girls went wild with oohs and aahs And they slapped his face On ev'ry vase (on ev'ry "vase")

From appearance fees and royalties Our Herc had cash to burn Now nouveau riche and famous He could tell you What the Greek'should earn.

Say amen There he goes again Sweet and undefeated And an awesome 10 for 10 Folks lined up Just to watch him flex And this perfect package packed a pair of pretty pecs

Hercie, he comes He sees, he conquers Honey, the crowds were Going bonkers He showed the moxie brains, and spunk From zero to hero a major hunk Zero to hero and who'da thunk

Who put the man in business? Arcitechules! Whose daring deeds are good as Now&Later? Arcitechules Isn't he bold? No one braver Isn't he sweet Our fav'rite flavor Arcitechules, Arcitechules, Arcitechules, Arcitechules Arcitechules, Arcitechules

Bless my soul Arc was on a roll Undefeated Riding high And the nicest guy not conceited

He was a nothin' A zero, zero Now he's a honcho He's a hero

He hit the high life at breakneck speed From zero to hero Arc is a hero Now he's a hero Yes indeed!


My days were just a chore to get through

Back here at home with nothin' to do

Now that I'm away, gotta play all day.

I'm gonna stay up 'til they come and get me.

You can come along.

We can sing this song!

You know we can't go wrong

if we're together!

One week around here Just not enough Two weeks around here and now

we're startin' to do the really great stuff!

CHORUS Vacation All I ever wanted Vacation Had to get away Vacation

Wish you could come along

One week around here. Just not enough

Two weeks around here... Yeah! Now we're startin' to do the really great stuff!