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Sarah was raised by her father, a Fench vampire, until she was five, when he left her and her mother alone. As a result of which, Sarah hated all vampires. When she was a teenager, her mother was killed by a human male. That caused Sarah to hate all men everywhere. She soon created a foundation called Team Sarah, aka the I.H.A.V.E.A.N.I.C.E.D.A.Y. foundation. The only man she liked was Spider Count Jimmy, whom she had known for many years and became vice president in the foundation. In the 1500s, Sarah and her vampirette passe went out looking for all the vampires in the world and started killing them one by one. Eventually, the vampirettes drove male vampires to extinction.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Sarah has long, black hair. She also has pale skin, and wears a black dress typically. She also wears a ruby necklace, which has an unknown purpose.

Why is that name familiar?Edit

Sarah is named after Sarah from Ed, Edd n' Eddy, because, as Alex says, "they were both tough girls who could kill a man, yet both had a wuss named Jimmy as a BFF, whatever a BFF is."

Where did Alex come up with a crazy character like that?Edit

In the October 2007 issue of Nickelodeon magazine, one of the pages has a female vampire who became the inspiration for Sarah.

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