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  • Kate has an Alien Mr. Potato Head a few times
  • When Captain Tonnybrow goes to buy a comic book, the other comics are The Butter and the Bread, the new version of Fried, and Superhero Spectacle
  • Bob the Robot sightings: On a comic book and in the company diner, along with one of his creators, Jay Lee
  • 10181996 sighting: After going to their room, Mrs. Tonnybrow remembers the room number as 10-18-1996.
  • The robot who cleans the Cosmic Observatory is a Squeegix.
  • The Waiter at the diner is a poorly drawn, older version of Captain Tonnybrow
  • The Space Shuttle has a cat on the back fin, a reference to both Frontier Airlines and Jimbo, one of Alex's comic strips.
  • The interviewer was originally supposed to look sort of like Joel McHael and the interview was going to take place in a glass box.