Story or Plot or Whatever it isEdit

Captain Tonnybrow and 8-X9 are sitting around, listening to news on 8-X9's head radio. The doorbell rings. Captain Tonnybrow goes to retrieve the package. He finds his daughter, Kate, who he has never met, in a basket. He takes Kate in and introduces her to 8-X9.

Later, Captain Tonnybrow reads Kate an alphabet book. When he gets to "D is for Death Ray", he decides to show Kate the company's death ray.


  • First appearance of Kate.
  • When the doorbell rings, it makes the "Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits" pattern.
  • In an old draft of the story, Captain Tonnybrow was going to put the Earth back together. The M&M minis tube idea came from the M&Ms Mini The Swarm online comic book.
  • When Captain Tonnybrows gets up, he leaves an imprint in the bean bag chair. This mimics Homer Simpson in an episode of The Simpsons season 2.
  • By the apartment door are elevators and vending machines. This is an homage to a Holiday Inn that Alex H-A stays at in Nebraska.
  • Captain Tonnybrow calls the USA "Usa (pronounced like 'you-saw')". This gave Alex the idea for America being renamed Usa.
  • "Z" is for "Zog", according to the Alphabet book.
  • Commander Tooforce has a different robotic suit on than he normally does. He also has it in issue 4.
  • When Commander Tooforce hires Kate, the GSP emblem appears on her belt.
  • In the vending machine, the is a Thrix PBJ bar and a bag of Ruff'n'ds potato chips.
  • There is also a pack of Invisibubble, a gum Alex came up with years ago.
  • The M&M minis tubes were all colored before being copied.
  • The Employee of the Month is the old can opener.
  • Orion is a constellation.
  • 10181996 is the bar code on the back of the comic