STAPelz -2

Story or Plot or WhateverEdit

Captain Tonnybrow and 8-X9 are once again listening to 8-X9's head radio. Their computer thing tells them they have a mail call, which Captain Tonnybrow goes to push, but 8-X9 beats him to it. Commander Tooforce tells Captain Tonnybrow to wash his (Commander Tooforce's) clothes by lunchtime or else Captain Tonnybrow will be fired. After Captain Tonnybrow has washed Commander Tooforce's clothes, he has accidentally given Commander Tooforce the wrong set of clothes. He yells at the top of his lungs, which Captain Tonnybrow and 8-X9 can't here because they are too far away.


  • Captain Tonnybrow has a neck� at the beginning� which should not exist.
  • Commander Tooforce's word balloon are inside the computer thing
  • There is a mail chute which is never used again.
  • 8-X9 is apparently from RoboCo.
  • The box of clothes says " 24ce Clothes" which means Too(2)for(4)ce Clothes
  • The scaling is really bad in this book
  • 8-X9 puts a "Chimps Ahoy" T-shirt into the washing machine, which is what Alex was wearing when he made the comic.
  • The comic breaks the forth wall by having Captain Tonnybrow standing on a "Later" sign and 8-X9 reads STAPelz #1