STAPelz -1


Story or Plot or Whatever it isEdit

Captain Tonnybrow and 8-X9 are sitting around, listening to music on 8-X9's head radio. Captain Tonnybrow's pholletell (futuristic telephone) rings and Captain Tonnybrow goes to answer it, but doesn't know how to. 8-X9 yells at him to push the button and the pholletell jumps up against Captain Tonnybrow's finger and it's answered. Commander Tooforce tells Captain Tonnybrow that he has chosen him for a mission. He sends Captain Tonnybrow a list of food items he wants for breakfast (French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, and Canadian Bacon). Captain Tonnybrow and 8-X9 go to their Rocket Fridge (which Captain Tonnybrow doesn't know where it is). They go to France for some toast, get a bunch of eggs that are different color and sizes and put them in a carton, and go to Canada for bacon. When they've given Commander Tooforce the food, he yells that Captain Tonnybrow is a dummy, and Captain Tonnybrow, in his beanbag chair, thinks Commander Tooforce likes it.


  • Captain Tonnybrow does not have his visor's "white light stripe" yet.
  • 8-X9 has angular arms and round hands. He is also more of a square shape.
  • On the front cover, there is food in the back of the Rocket Fridge, which should actually be in a dough tube because that's how all solid food is eaten in STAPelz.
  • Big Ben is in France, when it should be in London.
  • Colin Mochrie gives Captain Tonnybrow the bacon.
  • Captain Tonnybrow has a neck on the back, which should not be there and is a drawing mistake.