Galaxy Ruler

In Alex's words, she is the "first character who I've drawn who looks normal with a neck."

Unless you're as dumb as Forrest Gump, you should know who we're talking about.


About 35 years after God created the universe and everything in our galaxy, he realized he needed someone to help rule over the galaxy with him. Since he was planning on making most of the important future people men, so he made the galaxy ruler female. She watched over all forms of life in the galaxy without anyone knowing it. When a Galaxy Ruler dies after their 1000 years of living, the next one is born from the old one.

The 2nd Galaxy Ruler was about 6 when a small planet came by her ruling platforms. She went over to see it. When she stepped foot onto the planet, there were a bunch of little star people, all staring at the sky. They looked at her for a minute and went back to looking up. She saw nothing in the sky. One black star person came over and explained that they were looking for their mother to come (a reference to Super Mario Galaxy). She allowed them to join her in her rule and they became known as Star Soldiers.

The Rulers of the Galaxy hate any living creature that is over 1000 years old. Whenever something like this happens, a star solider is sent to the location and is assigned to kill the 1000-year-old person. An example is in Stardust (the movie). Yvanie or whatever her name is, is actually a star solider sent to Earth to kill Lamia the witch or whoever. This has failed many times with Lamia and Lamia has stolen the star soliders' hearts to be able to live longer. Eventually, Lamia is killed. Another incident is in Cortors (an unpublished Marker Comic) in which, a 1000 year old witch who is able to live for a long time on the youth of her customers. A star solider steals the pills of youth that keep her young before it's time for the witch's daily need to have it and all her age catches up with her and she dies.

The current Galaxy Ruler (in 2085) is introduced in STAPelz #9 when she is going to get rid of the Earth because Earth is bad for bussiness. She when she has been caught by Commander Tooforce, she tries to have him give her mercy, she kisses him, which she misses in STAPelz #12, so she has a suprise wedding for him. We see signs that she has a crush on Commander Tooforce and vice versa.

There was one instance where she was truly evil, but it wasn't her fault. The Shadow Queen possessed her body and almost made the entire galaxy dark forever.

Why is that name familiar?Edit

Seriously, people?

Where did Alex get an idea for a weird character like that?Edit

Rosalina in Super Mario Galaxy (Rosalina is Alex's favorite Mario character)