Warning: Following section contains PLOT SPOILERS!
Princess Rosalina

Alex's first princess


Rosalina is King Alexander's daughter in the Shadow Girl series. She is introduced in Superhero Spectacle #28. She was kidnapped by blue dragons when she was very young, and was raised by them. Analay goes to rescue her, only to find that Analay broght back a blue dragon that LOOKED like Rosalina (To be specific, it was the wife of the brother of the king blue dragon whom was keeping Rosalina prisoner). Foretunately, Rosalina had escaped before Analay came to find Rosalina, and was not the actual dragon, and burst through the doors, showing that she had not died.

She wears a dress made out of the skin of the blue dragon king who kept her prisoner for 16 years

Rosalina is 6 feet tall for no particular reason (It is presumed that it's because she was raised by dragons). She is the only character Alex knows how tall they are and is also the tallest of the Marker Comics characters.

Why is that name familiar?Edit

She's named after Rosalina in Super Mario Galaxy

Where did Alex come up with a weird character like that?Edit

Rosalina is based on Sophia in Maximo: Ghost to Glory.