1I 1horn purple people eater

Also known as "The one eyed, one horned, pigeon-toed, undergrown, Rokanroll flyin' purple people eater, the purple people eater is a character in the Shadow Girl series in Superhero Spectacle.


The purple people eater is a creature from a few hundred years ago. He was introduced in issue #28 of Superhero Spectacle when Analay/Shadow Girl needed to find a way to get across the Cracked Canyon. He flew down from the sky and landed in a tree near where Analay was standing. She asked what he was. He said he was a "One eyed, one horned flyin' purple people eater." She asked "One eyed, one horned flyin' purple people eater" to be sure she got it right. He said it again to ensure her. "Sure sounds strange to me," she said. She then fell down on her knees and beg him not to eat her. The purple people eater said she was too tough to eat. She asked him what he did by asking him, "Mr. Purple People Eater, what's your line?". He said that "It's eatin' purple people, and it sure is fine." He then tells her that the reason he came was because he wanted to get a job in a Rokanroll band, and since Ananlay knew the king of Rokanroll (King Alexander), she said she would try and get him a job in a Rokanroll band.

Why is that name so familiar?Edit

The one eyed, one horned flyin' purple people eater comes from the song "The Purple People Eater".

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