Nacho Mobile

Nacho Man's sketch of the car


The Nacho Mobile is a fictional car found in Superhero Spectacle. But you knew that already.


Superhero Spectacle #9 (You Don't Know Jack Cheese)Edit

In Superhero Spectacle #9, Nacho Man, Chip Boy, and Cheese Lad are sitting in the Nacho Lair, and Nacho Man is drawing up sketches for the Nacho Mobile.

Superhero Spectacle #39Edit

In Superhero Spectacle #39, Nacho Man is driving a teal VW Beatle with Chip Boy and Cheese Lad. With time running out, Nacho Man has he has a suprise for them. He tells them to roll down the windows and then they fall into the seats of the car. The car transforms into the robot that Nacho Man had drawn in Superhero Spectacle #9.


  • The robot mode is a reference to the Disney Label Donald Duck Transformer.