Horge Etirw (it-air-oo) is a Marker Comics character in Superhero Spectacle. He typically only appears in the Nacho Man part of the comics.

Tell me more, tell me moreEdit

Horge is a native of Colorado. He was born in Ryestone, Colorado (where most characters are). He has a flat hairstyle. His head seems resembling to Commander Tooforce (possibly because the two were created around the same time). Horge also typically wears a T-shirt and shorts.

His best friend in the world is Gerald Stitra. They write comic books together, but this has never been shown anywhere in the comics.

Horge helped Nacho Man a bit in Superhero Spectacle issue #9.

In issue #19, he was the DJ for the Valentine's Day dance.

Horge has a white-colored Wii. Coincidentally*, Horge is black.

Existence in other comicsEdit

Horge existed before Superhero Spectacle even was thought up. He was in the original Nacho Man comics (made by Kid Klub Komix inc.) He was introduced in issue 5, where he and Gerald had no names and were referred to as "[their teacher's] least favorite students".

Again, where did an idea for a character like this come from?Edit

He came from George Beard in Captain Underpants. His name and Gerald's name are reversed with their first letter (George + Harold = Gerald, Harold + George = Horge)