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Gretchen is a, maybe the, lava mermaid, from the planet Magmus 13, the largest planet in the universe. She has red hair and a red tail, usually on fire. She has been stealing planets and draining them of their cores. This gives her extreme power. Once she gets the last planets, the planets in our solar system, she will have the power of all the planets in the universe. Her plan is to then have all forms of life worship her as a goddess, which all most forms of life have been told not to.

Why is that name familiar?Edit

It's not supposed to be. Yet coincidentally, Gretchen is the name of Cassie's redheaded friend in RV.

Where did Alex get a crazy idea for a character like that?Edit

While playing Zoo Tycoon, Alex built a mermaid statue near a volcano and created a character through that.


  • "Everything you know and love is mine to destroy. Isn't that neato?" After claiming the last planets in the universe (our solar system).