Goombella is a very rarely used character from STAPelz.

Who is...she?Edit

In the Nintendo Museum, she is just a wax figure in the Fungus exhibit. She wants to get back the Golden Save File, but Captain Tonnybrow says they have too many characters already. She then plays LIFE against the two other Goombas and a Toad. Near the end, she gets her hands on the camera and makes a parody of "Undercover Boss" endings.

In another STAPelz, she follows Commander Tooforce and Captain Tonnybrow to defeat the Shadow Queen and tells about what the Shadow Queen's plot is.


  • Goombella is based on Goombella from Paper Mario, much like the Shadow Queen.
  • Like Scruffy the Janitor, she is unheard of in GSP.


  • “Oh, it's, like, SO sweet that you boys think I'm cute! Seriously! Yeah! Get close to me, I'll jump on those ugly little heads of yours'!” -While playing LIFE against two Goombas.
  • "Are you feeling lucky, you floozy?"- To Ms. Mowz after she kisses Mario
  • "Like, omigosh, what happened?! The Ruler of the Galaxy has, like, been possessed by the Shadow Queen! She, like, takes over entire galaxies and makes them dark for, like, fo-e-hvah!"