Fred Cloff

Fredward "Fred" Cloff

Under technical circumstances, Fred is not a real Marker Comics charcter, but he is pretty cool, so why not?


Fred Cloff is just a really average guy. He is, as Alex says, his first character who looks good with big eyes. His best friend is a paperclip named Clippit. Fred is the inventor of the "scream shirts", a shirt which you can scream in without spitting all over other people (it was actually a shirt with the collar up). Fred also cried once at a middle school speach about bullying.

Fred prefers redheads. His girlfriend is Alexa, a redhead.

Fred is also the inventor of a few religions. His religion is called "Everythingism", which is like paganism, except for some reason that Fred has said exists, but has never mentioned. He was also a priest of another religion he invented called "Scarletism", dedicated to, as he called her, Scarlus, the goddess of redheads. (Clippit pointed out to Fred that it was Amy Adams after Fred showed Clippit a picture of "Scarlus").

Why is that name familiar?Edit

Fred's full name, Fredward, is named after that vampire nerd, but only in order to make fun of him.