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Who or what is that?Edit

The Cosmic Spirit is a new character in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Cosmic Spirit has a female human shape, and has a strong resemblance to Rosalina from the first game.

When Mario talks to her, she asks if he needs to be shown the way to get to a Star. If the player agrees to do so, the Cosmic Spirit will transform into a blue orb and encircle Mario's body, gaining control of him and carry out the Cosmic Guide mode. The Cosmic Spirit will lead Mario to the Power Star. If the player feels that he/she can take care of the rest, he/she can press the plus button on the Wii Remote to regain control of Mario. However, upon activating the Cosmic Guide, the Power Star will instantly degrade to a Bronze Star. Keep note however that the Cosmic Spirit will not appear unless the player lost too many lives trying to get a certain star, whether being the player's first time through or while revisiting the level. She appears in every galaxy, but not in every mission.

In Marker Comics...?Edit

In "Follow the Rainbow Birck Road", the Cosmic Spirit offers to help Captain Tonnybrow...until Carl runs up to her, because he apparently has a crush on her. She says that she only helps Italian plumbers.

Spoiler Alert!

Later on, everyone needs to get the Grand Star for the Video Game Wizard, so Carl yells for the Cosmic Spirit. She uncompromisingly takes over Carl's body and leads them to Birdo's lair.

In the final STAPelz, she makes an appearance and Carl says she was from when they were all in that video game land. When they all go into the wormhole, he tries to kiss her, but she moves his arm.

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