Cortors (Full name: Cortors vs. a evil genie) was a shelved Marker Comic. It was the start of the Superhero Spectacle, possibly.

Story, so farEdit

Cortors alter ego is watching TV. He is then sent down his tube to turn into Cortors. He is told by his robot, 10181996, that a genie is attacking the antique store. Cortors rushes over to the store, thinking it's just like a Scooby-Doo villian. The genie throws him around the room. When Cortors is about to hit the genie, the genie calls a time-out. He makes a chair for Cortors and tells how he became a genie.

Genie's storyEdit

The genie tells a story that takes place 'over 300 years ago in 1600'. He goes into Abercrombie and Witch. He accidentally insults the witch, causing her to throw a temper tantrum. After throwing it, she asks him what he wants. He wants to become a genie. She pulls out a book on the subject and blows the dust off the cover. She says that the last person she used it for gave her the Black Plague in the 1300s. She says that the price will be his youth, which she explains is how she stayed young for 1000 years. She puts on a rubber glove and reaches into his chest and pulls out a container of youth pills.

What was going to happenEdit

Genie's storyEdit

The witch changes the guy into a genie after she puts the pills in her cabinet. Afterwards, she goes to take her daily pills, but she has no pills left (because of the Ruler of the Galaxy). The years she borrowed have finally caught up with her, and she dies.

Real WorldEdit

Alex has forgotten most of what he was going to write, so this section is small.