Commander Tooforce

Commander Tooforce is a fictional Marker Comics character. But you probably knew that already.

Who is he?Edit

Commander Patrick Tooforce is the commander of Galactic Star Patrol.

In 2076, he was just a cook, who was sent down to fight in an interplanetary war. His body was killed, but his head and hands remained alive. A suit was made for him to stay alive. He was then promoted to Commander due to one of the Architect's rules (anyone more injured than the currnet commander becomes commander).

In STAPelz #12, the Ruler of the Galaxy tries to marry him, but he doesn't want to marry her. In STAPelz #28, the Ruler of the Galaxy and him are sucked into a wormhole and are not heard from until the end of the comic. She and him seem to have a crush on each other.

In STAPelz #3_, he saves her from the Shadow Queen and loses his precious oxygen in the process. Before he passes out, he says that if he dies, he will have saved the woman he loved. Later on, she and Captain Tonnybrow are waiting for him to wake up, and she's talking about how Commander Tooforce said he loves her. Loopy on painkillers, he sits up and kisses her and says "Give Daddy some sugar!"


  • The idea for Commander Tooforce may have originated from Commander Nebula from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
  • Commander Tooforce's suit is probably based on Buzz Lightyear's suit.
  • His first name, Patrick, is named after Partrick Warburton (the voice of Kronk in The Emporer's New Groove). The reason being is because STAPelz #5 was going to have a parody of the preflight video of Soarin' Over California.
  • Commander Tooforce's Mii is called Commander 24ce. Alex also has a Mii on his Wii with a Mii based on him.