Captain J. Tonnybrow is the main character in most of the STAPelz comics.

Video GamesEdit

Captain Tonnybrow enjoys playing video games. In "Night at the Nintendo Museum", he gets a job at the Nintendo Museum and seems to start liking video games. In STAPelz #21 "In the Name of Lava", he uses his knowledge of video games to defeat the enemies outside of the station.

In the next issue, "Raiders of the Lost Arcade", he enters the A.A.R.D. Video Arcade competion for best video gamer. He's better at some of the Wii games, but using the Wii Shop channel, he was able to get enough practice to win the championship.

In "Follow the Rainbow Brick Road", he plays MarioKart Wii and is sucked into the Land of Wii, where he meets a bunch of other people from his workplace who were sucked in, too.

In "Capatain Tonnybrow in No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside (cuz' it'll be dark where you're hiding)", Commander Tooforce says that he's their video game boy. Captain Tonnybrow says also that he has never played Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He says he has never understood what's the big deal is about Super Smash Bros. Brawl and he's only played a demo of de Blob in Target.



  • CT: Sorry, Goombella. We already have enough characters for this. Go order a pizza.

Goombella: What should I get on it?

CT: I dunno. I usually order sausage and mush...(looks at Goombella, who is horrified)...more toppings!