Bob the Robot

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Bob the Robot is-in Alex Harimon-Agins view-his version of the Pizza Planet Truck in the Pixar films, meaning Bob is in each of his comics somewhere, starting with STAPelz #4. Bob was chosen for unknown reasons.

Sightings of BobEdit

  • As a toy and a baby carrier holder in  STAPelz #4
  • On a comic titled Bob the Robot Conquers the Universe in STAPelz 5. He also appears in the background at the G.S.P. company diner.
  • As part of the evil 10181996 robot in STAPelz #6
  • As a video game in STAPelz #7
  • In the Robot Hospital as a nurse and in W-4's robot combination in STAPelz #8
  • As one of the soliders in the GSP armada in STAPelz #9
  • In the audience in STAPelz #10
  • A few notes make the shape of Bob's head at one point in STAPelz #11
  • Behind WALL-E at the wedding in STAPelz #12