Andy Ochan is another character from Superhero Spectacle. He is the alternate ego of Nacho Man, the superhero from issues #9, 19, 29, and 39.


Andy Ochan was once just an average school principal with a favorite food of nachos. He had just met the girl of his dreams, Heather, a botanist who had come to help with the school. He was making a plate of nachois and something happened with the microwave that it blew up and Andy waas rushed into the hospital. He suffered no changes whatsoever from this incident. However, buying a new microwave, he tripped while carrying it and was given, in his words, "the ability to move faster than the time it takes to cook nachos, stregnth greater than a bag of tortilla chips, and the ability to fly without spilling any cheese". He made himself a costume using an old scuba suit, a bald wig, and a clean nacho container from the school cafeteria.

Later that same issue, Heather and another guy at Heather's apartment, The Madd Botanist Apartments, were possessed by an evil plant,Growzer. Nacho Man temporarily gave Horge Etirw and Gerald Stitra powers so that they could help him defeat Growzer.

In the next issue, Nacho Man barely appeared, until Gerald and Vinager were kidnapped by Vinager's mom. He and Horge got on the ship with Gerald and Vinager. Nacho Man was able to save the couple by parodying Roger Rabbit.

These are the powers that truely make Andy Ochan a hero (reference to Spider-Man)


Nacho Man was originally created in Alex's 3rd Grade class. So...

What are the differences from the original 'Nacho Man' and the new version?Edit

  • The original Nacho Man was made by Kid Klub Komix Inc. The new version is, obviously, Marker Comics.
  • Kid Klub Komix Inc.'s Nacho Man parodied Captain Underpants. M.C.'s Nacho Man parodies many superheroes.
  • Old Nacho Man's girlfriend was his secratary, Katy. Katy appears in new Nacho Man, but is Andy's sister instead of his girlfriend.
  • Heather did not exist in old Nacho Man.
  • Nacho Man's origin in the old comics was a rip-off of Captain Underpant's origin. New Nacho Man's origin does not come from any particular place.


  • After nachos, Andy also enjoys chocolate chip cookies.
  • Andy wants to one day open up the school with music like this