"10181996" is Alex's birthday (October 18th, 1996) and has been used in every comic book of his since STAPelz #3



  • Scanner bar code of STAPelz #3
  • Captain Tonnybrow's machine number in the battleroom in STAPelz #4. Also used in STAPelz #12, when Captain Tonnybrow tells Commander Tooforce to hide.
  • Captain Tonnybrow's room number in STAPelz #5
  • Dr. Vile's evil robot's name in STAPelz #6
  • Model number for Captain Tonnybrow's guitar in STAPelz #7
  • Referenced to by Alex to say that it's his birthday in STAPelz #8
  • Numbers on the four drilling machines that Captain Tonnybrow passes in STAPelz #9
  • The 'winning lottery numbers' in David Copperfield's show in STAPelz #10
  • The ‘magic number’ G-Clef tells Captain Tonnybrow about in STAPelz #11
  • Time when the museum comes to life STAPelz 13
  • How many years it takes for every planet and moon will be perfectly alligned after it occurs in STAPelz #14.
  • Prices of gum in the Chick-Fil-Up on the Maid Planet in STAPelz #15.

Superhero SpectacleEdit

  • Chuck's lincense plate in Superhero Spectacle #1